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Your pet will be able to walk out of IAHC at discharge, but may still be slightly sedate. They will need time to recover and may want to just rest when they get home.


  • IV Catheter bandage 

There will be a small bandage placed as a pressure wrap over the IV catheter site after surgery.  This bandage should be removed about 2 to 3 hours after discharge.  A small tab in the colored vetwrap will make it easy to remove.


  • Water

After arrival at home a small amount of water may be offered. After 30 minutes to 1 hour the water bowl my then be filled.  Please do not allow your pet to drink too much at once to minimize the possibility of vomiting.


  • Food

Feedings can be started after the initial water.  Please start with a small amount and you can work up to about 1/2 their normal amount of food.  You can return to their normal amount the following morning.


Dental procedures that require extractions will need to be fed a soft food diet for 7 to 14 days post dental. Soft food can either be canned food, raw food w/no bones or dry food that has been soaked with hot water and left for about on hour to soften up prior to feeding.





  • Exercise Restriction

This will depend on the surgery that was performed. You will be given personalized instructions at  discharge that will discuss the amount of restriction needed. Most surgeries require a leash walk only  (no outdoor free running) for 7 to 14 days. Please try to minimize running, jumping, and stairs.  We also do not recommend playing while at day care or any agility, training, or other competitive shows right after a procedure.


When your pet is scheduled for surgery, you want to know the process.  

The following information is provided to help you understand the procedures  







All procedures performed at IAHC are considered a day surgery.  We will admit your pet in the morning and evaluate them to ensure they are healthy for anesthesia.  The procedure will be performed and your pet will be discharged in the late afternoon after sufficient time for recovery. At discharge a technician will go over all your pet's medications and post procedure instructions.


Please notify either receptionists at time of scheduling or admittance staff the morning of the procedure if there are any time restraints. Due to the unknown time of procedures a discharge time cannot be determined until the patient has awaken from anesthesia.



  • No food after 8pm the evening prior to surgery

  • Water may be left out until the morning

  • Please walk your pet prior to admittance 

  • Surgery admittance is between 7:20 and 7:45am


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