Custom Ash Infused Stained Glass Pet Portraits

by Dan Flynn

Most of us have suffered the lossof a beloved pet at one time or another, and many of us still have their ashes. Unfortunately, those ashes usually sit in a box somewhere covered in dust, along with the memories of our old friend.

Dan Flynn can offer something better.


Provide me with just a small amount of ashes and I will fuse them into 2 pieces of melted stainded glass. I will then take that piece and include it in a stained glass portrait of your pet based on a photo that you provide. The ashes will be visible and will contribute to a beautiful piece of art that will let you continue to enjoy the memory of your lost companion.

Ash Infused Pet Portraits -  71/2" x 91/2" - $175

Ash Infused Pet Portraits - 10" x 12" - $250

Larger and Smaller sizes available.

Ash Infusded Jewelry - $60 & up

Several Styles & Sizes available.

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