Non-traditional pets such as birds, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians need veterinary care, too!  We provide routine wellness care as well as testing, treatment, and hospitalization for sick animals.         Dr. Papscoe has advanced training on these species and many years of experience caring for these types of patients.  

IAHC has specialized equipment that is necessary for avian and exotic patients such as: 

  • High-detail digital x-rays

  • Compounded, flavored, liquid suspensions to make medicating your pet easier on you and them

  • Smaller-sized endotracheal tubes, IV catheters, and needles 

  • Heated surgery table to prevent hypothermia associated with anesthesia/surgery                   and cautery to minimize blood loss

  • Diagnostic labs that can work                             with small sample volumes -much                           safer for tiny animals 


For our avian patients that have had an

exam within a year, we will perform

grooming services such as wing, beak,

and nail trims.  Many problems

we see in birds are due to nutritional or behavioral issues.  We can provide nutritional counseling and help improve your bird’s diet.  We can also help with the common problems of feather destructive behavior, chronic egg laying, or aggression.  If you do not know your bird’s sex,

we can determine its gender with only a drop of blood.   


Small mammals such as rabbits, rodents, and ferrets are prone to many conditions requiring veterinary care.  We provide ferret care from required vaccinations to alternative options to adrenal surgery.

We have tools for rabbit and rodent dental

procedures from simple filing to extractions.  

At IAHC, we are able to perform elective

surgeries such as spays or neuters or

medically necessary procedures such

as abscess or tumor removals.

We are excited to welcome Victoria Papscoe, DVM